I'm Josh Embling: Software Engineer from Cardiff, South Wales.

I'm a passionate developer with close attention to detail, who prides on efficiency and creativity within my code and in collaborative environments.

My current day-to-day focus at work is in Laravel and React Native. I've recently turned my attention to Golang to take advantage of the huge benefits Go provides – namely speed, concurrency and scalability.

Throughout my career so far, I've had opportunites to work on so many different types of projects on both frontend and backend. These include websites, web apps, e-commerce platforms, mobile apps, browser extensions, and more recently AI and IoT.

I have taken the lead on large projects, improving workflow and alignment within teams. Some of these implementations include TDD (test driven development), strong typing, peer reviews, project planning and documentation.

Here is a concise list of my current tech stack:
Laravel, PHP, React, React Native, Typescript, Javascript, PHPUnit, Pest, Jest, SQL, Git.

Besides programming, I am a musician with over 10 years of professional experience. I graduated with a First-class honours degree in Music from The Academy of Contemporary Music in 2014. I then sustained a successful career as a full-time musician in the years that followed.

I've been lucky enough to have my music played on BBC television and lead two successful ventures side-by-side; a full-time music tuition business and a function band that played across the UK.

I'm a big football fan and support Wales & Cardiff City, at both home and away games. My love of football led me to take a brief 6 month stint in sports journalism. I got to interview international footballers, attend huge press-conferences and of course, go to matches.

Finally, I love to quiz... I love it so much that I featured on ITV's "The Chase" in 2022. Did you recognise the backdrop from my avatar?

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